PEIA’s 2017 Resolution: Build the Mariner East II Project

December 29, 2016
In their 2016 Year in Review, the Delaware County Times focused heavily on the soon-to-be year that was for the Mariner East II project. According to the Times, “While the debate over the Mariner East 2 pipeline picked up momentum,… Read More ►

Delaware County Times Editorial Highlights the Need for Mariner East Process to Advance

December 21, 2016
In a recent editorial, the Delaware County Times addressed the Mariner East II project and the ongoing debate surrounding the project’s construction. The piece comes only a few days following news that some Rose Valley township members expressed concerns about… Read More ►

Energy Information Administration Highlights Pennsylvania’s Growing Energy Industry

December 20, 2016
Recent Energy Information Administration (EIA) on domestic natural gas production data emphasizes both the importance of the growing industry to Pennsylvania’s economy, but also the need for the necessary infrastructure. According to the EIA, across the country, natural gas production… Read More ►

With New Year Approaching DEP Should Focus on Pennsylvania’s Energy Needs

December 14, 2016
The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) recently released their “year-in-review” for 2016. As 2017 is right around the corner, PEIA hopes that the New Year will translate into a newfound focus on our state’s lacking energy infrastructure. One of… Read More ►

New Survey Shows Broad Support for Energy Infrastructure among Pennsylvanians

December 8, 2016
According to a survey conducted by the Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association and the National Association of Manufacturers, 87 percent of Pennsylvanians believe government and private industry investment in energy infrastructure will have a positive impact on the state’s economy. The survey… Read More ►

PEIA Reflects on the Past Year and the New Administration to Come

December 7, 2016
With the New Year quickly approaching, PEIA would like to take the time to revisit Pennsylvania’s need for safe and comprehensive infrastructure improvements – projects like the Mariner East 2, PennEast, and other pipelines. Earlier this year, PEIA spoke with… Read More ►

Following Recent Industry Report, Pennsylvania Cannot Afford to Wait on Mariner East Project

November 28, 2016
2016 will go down as a year the Pennsylvania oil and gas industry would rather forget. According to new data from the Pennsylvania Department of Labor, the oil and gas industry lost nearly a third of its jobs in 2016… Read More ►

Mariner East 2 Pipeline Represents a Bipartisan Opportunity Pennsylvania Can’t Afford to Miss

November 21, 2016
If this presidential election proved anything it’s that our nation’s politics are more divided than ever and common ground between Republicans and Democrats is unfortunately a rarity. With the conclusion of the election, it is time for America to once… Read More ►