Natural Gas Benefits Are Clear

Jim Kunz, head of the Operating Engineers and a founding member of PEIA, was recently featured in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. In his piece Mr.Kunz presents the many benefits natural gas and pipeline infrastructure are bringing to Pennsylvania, including: affordable, reliable and clean energy, manufacturing jobs, and household savings.

Pennsylvania natural gas reserves are thought to be amongst the largest in the United States. Mr. Kunz puts their impact to Pennsylvanians into perspective:

“We have an abundant supply of this resource that will last into the next century, and possibly beyond. According to a new report from the Consumers Energy Alliance (also a member of PEIA), natural gas has saved residential customers in the commonwealth more than $13 billion over the past decade. At a time when we were climbing out of a recession, those dollars were more than welcome.”

It is important to remember that the natural gas pipelines themselves are “heavily regulated on the state and federal levels…” and pipeline companies invest “tens of millions of dollars each year to improve the safety of their transmission and distribution systems.” These measures ensure safe and reliable delivery of natural gas.

Atlantic Sunrise’s recent first day of operation and Mariner East 2’s coming completion are positive signs for the energy industry in Pennsylvania and across the East Coast. Households and businesses will benefit from an abundant supply of affordable and safe energy throughout the winter and into 2019.