About Us

Representing a broad range of interests and industries, we are united in support of energy infrastructure investments in the Commonwealth because they are the best interest of Pennsylvanians, our communities, and the nation. When responsibly built, safely and efficiently operated, and carefully maintained to ensure long-term integrity, pipelines are an important piece of the state’s and region’s economic future.

With increasing development of the region’s prolific shale gas reserves, Pennsylvania is now the second highest U.S. natural gas producing state and the way in which we transport the natural gas and gas liquids produced is increasingly important to the region. Pipelines are the safest and most reliable method to transport energy to domestic and international markets, and they provide reliable energy to power residential and commercial needs while reducing costly foreign energy imports.

Pipeline projects also provide real and tangible local economic benefits, including tens of thousands of construction jobs, millions in annual estimated tax revenue to townships, counties and the state, and recurring benefits to manufacturing and other industries that rely on reliable energy supplies.

We seek to ensure that Pennsylvanians are educated on projects proposed in Pennsylvania and the economic and other benefits they will bring when we seize the energy opportunities at hand.

Mission Statement

The Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance supports investments to modernize energy infrastructure to ensure reliable access to low-cost energy to power our local economy and ensure the utmost safety and health of our communities.

As the safest mode to transport energy, we believe that investing in new and existing pipelines will benefit our communities through new job opportunities, new industries, and new access to affordable energy over the long-term.

Our Members

Keystone Elk Country Alliance

The Keystone Elk Country Alliance is a nonprofit wildlife conservation organization whose mission is to conserve and enhance Pennsylvania’s elk country for future generations.

“Pennsylvania’s elk country provides residents and visitors a unique opportunity to observe the state’s wild elk population in a natural setting, and our goal is to protect and enhance that experience. We joined PEIA so we could work with other members to ensure that pipeline development in Pennsylvania will deliver a conservation benefit while still meeting or exceeding all federal regulations for safe development and operation of these energy arteries. Pipelines not only are job producers for local communities, but they can also become linear food plots for small and large wildlife species, specifically providing early succession habitat for bird populations as well.”

– Rawley Cogan, KECA President and Chief Executive Officer

Pennsylvania Propane Gas Association

The Pennsylvania Propane Gas Association was formed in 1947 to offer opportunities to learn through training and networking with peers, and to aid with legislative issues that contribute to operating a safe and successful industry. In addition to its continued focus on education, networking and representing the interest of Pennsylvania’s propane businesses to the government, PAPGA also assists members in remaining current on topics vital to the propane industry.

“Pennsylvania residents and businesses use propane because it’s a clean, efficient and versatile source of energy. However, our communities need a dependable and safe transportation system to ensure that they have access to propane and the other clean-burning fuels they’ve come to rely upon daily. Investing in energy infrastructure ensures that residents benefit from opportunities for in-demand careers and continue to have access to our affordable, homegrown resources. Our members have made it abundantly clear they support essential pipeline projects that help to ensure a strong, sustainable economy for our state, and energy independence for our nation.”

–  Mike Mutter, PAPGA President

Beaver County Chamber of Commerce

The Beaver County Chamber of Commerce is comprised of 540 member companies and is focused on supporting the growth and improvement of local economies. The chamber works to strengthen businesses by preparing, developing and promoting the communities it serves for economic growth, and ensuring that Beaver County is viewed as the premiere place to live and work in the region.

“Building a safe and reliable means of transportation for our natural resources is an essential component of the commonwealth’s economic revival, and for our own local revitalization efforts. The Marcellus shale is the second-largest shale play in the world, and that provides Pennsylvania with a unique opportunity to establish itself as a world energy leader. We need to work together to support pipelines and encourage economic development, so companies come here for the affordable energy we can offer.”

–  Jack Manning, President and Executive Director of the Beaver County Chamber of Commerce

Pittsburgh Airport Area Chamber of Commerce

The mission of the Pittsburgh Airport Area Chamber of Commerce is to advance economic vitality by providing advocacy, information and services to its members and the business community. PAACC’s service area begins at the city line in Green Tree and extends along Interstate 376 into communities located close to the airport, in Beaver and Washington counties, and within the airport corridor from Ohio and West Virginia.

“As a result of Western Pennsylvania’s abundance of natural resources, our region has played a vital role over the last several years in shaping our nation’s energy revolution. We have seen firsthand the positive economic effects, both directly and indirectly, that pipeline projects have had on many of our communities along the airport corridor. Energy is helping Pennsylvania create a thriving, diverse and strong economy, and one that should be a model for other states. It is imperative, therefore, to continue to encourage energy development. Pipeline projects provide sustainable wages for our region’s residents and help increase revenue for our local businesses.”

–  Chris Heck, President and CEO of the Pittsburgh Airport Area Chamber of Commerce

Western Pennsylvania Chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association

The Western Pennsylvania Chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association has for more than 65 years represented electrical contractors throughout Western Pennsylvania, and has provided its members with an effective channel through which to express their collective voice on issues affecting the electrical construction industry.

“Investing in energy infrastructure is vital to the economic health of communities in Western Pennsylvania. It benefits thousands of families. We represent the most qualified, reliable and experienced contractors in the region and our members are ready to help our commonwealth take its rightful place as one of the premiere energy-producing states in the nation. Utilizing qualified electrical contractors on pipeline infrastructure and related development projects ensures that the best-trained professionals are hired for the work. We live in the communities that the pipelines will serve and we take great pride in ensuring our work will meet and exceed safety requirements.”

–  Chad M. Jones, Executive Director of WPA NECA

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

Local IBEW members join more than 25,000 members of the Laborers International Union of North America (LiUNA!) as well as thousands of skilled workers from the International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) Local 66 and IUOE Local 542 as labor partners. IBEW provides electrical contractors with the best trained and most skilled work force in the industry. IBEW’s focus on continuing education, even for veteran electricians, keeps workers on top of the constantly changing technologies.

“Energy development in Pennsylvania gives us an economic advantage over other regions, but in order to allow this opportunity to come to full fruition, we have to invest in pipeline infrastructure. And when trades do the work, that’s good news for our workers and great news for our communities, because having skilled tradesmen on the job enhances safety and efficiency in building and maintenance.” 

– Paul Mullen, Business Manager for IBEW Local 654

“Whether you’re in the shale regions or not, every Pennsylvanian should benefit from the access we have to safe, reliable energy. Investing in energy infrastructure development is the only way to ensure that this can happen. Pennsylvania has a unique opportunity, with multiple proposed pipeline projects, to bring huge economic benefits to the region while ensuring direct access to our homegrown energy resources.”

– Robert S. Bair, Business Manager and Financial Secretary of IBEW Local 143

“Pennsylvania currently lacks adequate pipeline capacity to move energy goods to market. Unless we invest in infrastructure to end the logjam here, and ensure our residents benefit from the resources under our feet, our state could lose out to projects seeking to take our energy elsewhere. We’re all familiar with the phrase, ‘If you build it, they will come.’ Well, the reverse is also true. If we don’t build it, others will, and Pennsylvania’s energy could go to places like Texas or the Gulf of Mexico.”

– Ryan Helms, Business Manager of IBEW Local 743

Pennsylvania Society of Professional Engineers 

Founded in 1934, PSPE works to protect the public interest, defend the professional engineer’s license, provide continuing education and support MATHCOUNTS® competitions as part of its public outreach. PSPE is respected by the general public, business owners, facility operators, educators, and non-licensed engineers, for the dedication and service they provide the profession.

“Pipelines are an efficient way to move Pennsylvania’s energy resources across the commonwealth. PSPE members are licensed by the State of Pennsylvania to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public. The professional engineer is experienced and instrumental in designing and developing energy infrastructures that are efficient, reliable, sustainable and safe. Our members look forward to participating in  these projects to ensure they are engineered to the highest industry standards demanded by the public.”

– Richard Aulenbach, PE, PSPE Energy Task Force Chair

Moshannon Valley Economic Development Partnership

The Moshannon Valley Economic Development Partnership (MVEDP), Inc. is a private, non-profit corporation that was formed in 1988. The purpose of MVEDP is to relieve existing unemployment in the Moshannon Valley by purchasing, owning, selling, leasing, remodeling and repairing properties to provide industrial sites, housing units and other facilities which will further the economic development and welfare of the community. In an effort to create new job opportunities for the people of the Moshannon Valley, the Partnership works to help existing companies grow and expand; markets the area to outside firms that might be interested in locating to the valley; and assists entrepreneurs that want to start new businesses in the area.

“Because of the abundant natural resources available in Pennsylvania, our commonwealth has a unique opportunity to become a global energy leader. In addition to providing an economic boost to residents, future generations will benefit from careers that will continue to offer competitive, family-supporting salaries.”

– Stan LaFuria, Moshannon Valley Economic Development Partnership Executive Director

Manufacturers’ Association of South Central Pennsylvania

The Manufacturers’ Association of South Central Pennsylvania was founded upon the strength of the region’s industrial roots more than a century ago. The manufacturers’ association is a regional trade organization with more than 370 member companies located within multi–country southcentral Pennsylvania and Maryland. In addition to serving as an advocate for manufacturing and its related businesses and industries, the association helps members be more productive, more competitive and more profitable in an ever-changing and increasingly challenging global marketplace.

“Utilizing Pennsylvania’s abundant natural resources and investing in its energy infrastructure is vital to ensuring that local businesses can compete in a global market. Pipeline projects are instrumental to the long-term economic success of communities in the south-central region of the commonwealth and will help create quality employment opportunities for area residents.”

–  Tom Palisin, Executive Director of The Manufacturer’s Association

International Union of Operating Engineers Local 542

International Union of Operating Engineers Local 542 has represented the interests of working men and women of eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware since 1935. Its members include a blend of heavy equipment operators in the building and construction industry, along with professionals who are employed at quarries, landfills, equipment dealers, shipyards, breweries, factories, airports, bridges, and public works throughout the region.

“Developing a modern, safe and reliable system to transport our state’s vast natural gas resources is vital to the economy of local communities and critical to the quality of life residents enjoy. Using the qualified, well-trained professionals that local trades provide ensures that Pennsylvania’s pipelines will meet and exceed federal regulation safety requirements. Additionally, investing in the state’s infrastructure will create thousands of jobs, generating millions of dollars in much needed tax revenue.”

– Ed Gillette, Local 542 Business Representative of Luzerne County

Maritime Exchange for the Delaware River and Bay

The Maritime Exchange, a not-for-profit trade association, has been serving the port community since 1875. Its members comprise all facets of international trade and related businesses throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, focusing on promoting and encouraging commerce and the movement of cargo on the Delaware River and Bay.

“We have seen a tremendous revitalization taking place all around the port complex. Much of that growth can be attributed directly to the responsible development of the state’s oil and gas resources. Sustaining that growth means ensuring we have a modern pipeline system that can safely transport natural gas liquids to Delaware River facilities. Not only does the port complex stand to benefit through job development and increased revenues, but so does every associated business that serves these industries.”

–  Dennis Rochford, President of the Maritime Exchange for the Delaware River and Bay

Washington County Chamber of Commerce

The Washington County Chamber of Commerce’s focus is to promote its 1,100 members and the Greater Pittsburgh Region’s premier business location-Washington County.  The chamber is the “Voice of Business” and the largest chamber in the county as well as the second largest chamber in the region (according to the Pittsburgh Business Times).  The chamber was also the first chamber of commerce in the Southwestern Pennsylvania region to publically support the energy industry and continues to promote the opportunities of natural gas, coal and other energy sources for our country’s energy independence.  In addition, the chamber is the county’s lead economic development and tourism agency and has attracted billions in investment to Washington County in the past decade.

“The commonwealth of Pennsylvania has seen powerful economic growth with the development of natural gas resources that have attracted new investment, new industries, and untold benefits. When properly designed, built, and maintained, new infrastructure projects will bring benefits to consumers and the communities where they live, workers, and businesses across the state.”

– Jeff M. Kotula, President, Washington County Chamber of Commerce

Delaware County Chamber of Commerce

The Delaware County Chamber of Commerce actively works to enhance business growth throughout the region and promote the economic well-being of the county. The Chamber focuses on providing valuable benefits, strengthening the quality of life within the community, serving as your liaison between business and government, and preparing our future workforce.

“Being competitive with cities around the world is key to attracting and retaining new businesses, industries, and talent to drive economic growth. While Philadelphia has much to boast about, we still need the right infrastructure to make the Greater Philadelphia region a leading energy hub. Low cost fuel for heating and for fueling the Greater Philadelphia region’s growing industries won’t be realized unless new infrastructure is developed. Our region has an exceptional opportunity with new pipeline projects to invest in our long-term future.”

Trish McFarland, President, Delaware County Chamber of Commerce


Located in Pennsylvania, the Laborers’ International Union of North America (LiUNA) represents over 25,000 members, representing all phases of construction, in the Commonwealth. Since LiUNA’s founding, their members have been involved in some of our state’s biggest infrastructure projects, including sports stadiums, the airport, and the skyscrapers in downtown Philadelphia.

“LiUNA! members pride themselves in being American’s builders — and in their commitment to safety. The Commonwealth is home to more than 25,000 of our members who are helping to build infrastructure projects that are bringing new energy, job creation, and economic growth to our state and communities.”

– Dennis Martire, LiUNA! Mid Atlantic Vice President

Operating Engineers Local 66

The International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) Local 66 has provided competent and qualified workers for construction projects in the Pennsylvania area for over 100 years. Covering 33 counties in western Pennsylvania, the IUOE 66 consists of over 7,000 members who have years of experience working on large scale infrastructure projects.

Pennsylvania’s natural resources give us a competitive edge in the new energy economy and deliver broad benefits for our communities. Local skilled workers are excited to go to work every day to build these projects safely and efficiently – a job we take great pride in.

– James T. Kunz, Jr., Business Manager of the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 66

Pennsylvania State Grange

The Grange represents approximately 9,000 Pennsylvanians across the Commonwealth. Chartered in 1873, it is the oldest agricultural and rural advocacy organization of its kind in the United States. The organization actively provides new opportunities to strengthen the agriculture community in the Commonwealth.

“Pennsylvania farmers have a rich tradition as stewards of the land but agriculture is also the largest industry in the state generating more than $67 billion annually. We look forward to working with the Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance to help others recognize why access to energy is so critical to a thriving farm operation. We support energy infrastructure projects that find the right balance between supporting our energy needs and the economic benefits they make possible, and also respect our precious land.”

– Beth Downey, Pennsylvania State Grange President


JARI is a nonprofit economic development organization that has been a devoted partner of the business community in Cambria and Somerset counties since 1974. JARI’s team of business professionals has a combined 155 years of experience in economic and entrepreneurial development. In 2013, JARI’s team served more than 400 clients with commercial lending, equity investing, real estate and other regional, state and federal economic development initiatives.

“If we want to grow a diverse economy and build vibrant communities, then we have to take advantage of this tremendous opportunity to put Pennsylvania’s natural resources to work for Pennsylvanians. That means modernizing our energy infrastructure so our businesses can compete and our workers can prosper.”

– Linda Thomson, JARI President

Mon Valley Progress Council

The Mon Valley Progress Council was founded in 1965 by Mid Mon Valley business leaders who saw the need for regionally based actions to address the closure of the USS Donora Works and related economic challenges. Since then, the council has undertaken a broad array of economic development initiatives and continues to lead regional efforts to advance projects that improve infrastructure, generate jobs, enhance work force skills and grow communities.

“Investments in pipelines and energy infrastructure have the potential to transform the Mid Mon Valley. These are exactly the kinds of projects we need to ensure a diverse economic base, create jobs, grow our regional population and make communities more livable.”

– Joseph Kirk, Mon Valley Progress Council Executive Director

Clearly Ahead Development

Formerly known as Clearfield County Economic Development Corporation, Clearly Ahead Development has provided economic development services in Clearfield County since 1999.  The groups mission is to “Proudly Serve the Community to Create Growth and Opportunity in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania.”

Clearfield County has seen an economic resurgence in recent years thanks in large part to the revitalization of the energy industry in the region. In order to support the economic growth of the region, we must support the advancements of this industry, especially in regards to infrastructure development. Take, for example, the benefits the Mariner East projects and the Marcus Hook Industrial Complex have brought to the area. These types of projects will ensure our economic future, which is why we decided to join the Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance. Clearfield County is home to four pipeline networks and currently has a coal-to-natural gas power plant conversion underway in the Shawville area. Pennsylvania’s energy infrastructure remains vital to move product to market to create new opportunities.

– Rob Swales, Clearly Ahead Development CEO

Harrisburg Regional Chamber & CREDC

The Harrisburg Regional Chamber & Capital Region Economic Development Corporation (CREDC) represents a strong group of diverse business who are committed to the success of our region and each other. With more than 1,400 members ranging from sole proprietors to Fortune 500 companies, the Chamber has the opportunity to interact with a broad network of businesses and professionals throughout Central Pennsylvania. The Chamber & CREDC is committed to helping you build your business and our region. We invite you to become part of our five-star organization and watch your network grow.

The benefits of oil and gas development stretch far beyond the wellhead. Even though our region doesn’t sit squarely within the shale plays, area businesses have benefited and grown by supplying and supporting developers, and local manufacturers have made gains in enhancing their competitiveness thanks to cheaper energy prices. The next step is to ensure we have a safe, reliable energy infrastructure in place to sustain this growth, support these regional and statewide revitalizations, and power consumers and businesses in our region and across the commonwealth.

– David E. Black, President & CEO, Harrisburg Regional Chamber and CREDC

Pennsylvania Food Merchants Association 

The Pennsylvania Food Merchants Association (PFMA) is a statewide trade association advocating the best interest of convenience stores, supermarkets, independent grocers, wholesalers and consumer product vendors operating in Pennsylvania. PFMA’s membership consists of national chain stores, regional chains and locally owned independent retailers of all sizes. They represent more than 3,200 retail food stores and employ more than 150,000 Pennsylvanians.

“We support needed energy infrastructure investments in the Commonwealth, which will put thousands of Pennsylvanians to work, stimulate local economies, and increase markets for food merchants across the state. In addition, our members will benefit from access to stable supplies to energy at low costs to power our businesses. Pipeline projects will be an important investment for the Commonwealth and must be thoroughly considered.” 

– Paul Rankin, Chairman, PFMA