100 Member Business Org. Aims to Revitalize PA via Natural Gas

Business groups across the state of Pennsylvania are joining forces to help expedite the realization of economic benefits from the state’s natural gas reserves. The group, ‘Forge The Future’, is placing an emphasis on maximizing the use of Pennsylvania natural gas in communities nationwide to bring prosperity to manufacturing, power production, energy and many other industries.

More than 100 organizations, of many different sizes and disciplines, have committed to the efforts and it is easy to see why. The coalition estimates that Pennsylvania can undergo a gross domestic product growth of nearly $60 billion in tandem with an estimated 100,000 new jobs.

Members of the organization are asking policymakers and regulators to work with the coalition to facilitate critical infrastructure projects like storage and distribution hubs for the Marcellus Shale reserves.

The formation of ‘Forge The Future’ is very encouraging to see. We are grateful for other groups joining us in taking initiative to acknowledge and act on the great opportunity Pennsylvania has been afforded through its natural gas resources.