Regulator Works to Ensure the Public’s Safety While Legislators Work to Muddy the Water

Pennsylvania State Senator Andy Dinniman discussed what he believes is limited effectiveness in assuring the public is adequately protected and informed about critical infrastructure projects, namely pipelines.

However these claims are wildly inaccurate. Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection and Public Utility Commission have remained effective regulators throughout the construction of Mariner East 2. State regulators were hands-on throughout the permitting process to ensure each safety standard is not only met, but exceeded. Extra scrutiny is ensured through the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, a national regulator responsible for developing and enforcing safety standards for pipeline transport.

Senator Dinniman has long relied on a different, undermining approach by propping up and being a mouthpiece for fringe, pipeline opposition groups that spread fear through misinformation.

If Senator Dinniman is truly committed to public safety he should take action to encourage a narrative that prioritizes fact over ideology. As a legislator Senator Dinniman has the responsibility to advance legislation born to protect the public from potential dangers of infrastructure projects like Senate Bill 652. It is just too bad that public servants like Senator Dinniman are working to spread false information for their own political gain.

The Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance is grateful for the role each regulator plays in ensuring Pennsylvania has the opportunity to safely realize its energy abundance and role in pushing America to energy independence.