ME2 Pipeline Defeats the Andover Homeowners Association in their 2nd Court Case

August 28, 2019
On Monday, the Mariner East pipeline developer defeated anti-pipeline homeowners attempting to shut down construction for the Mariner East 2 (ME2) pipeline. The appeals court dismissed the homeowner association’s lawsuit that part of the pipeline was in violation of local… Read More ►

Industry Publication Write Up Touts Mariner East and MHIC as Energy Keystones

August 27, 2019
A recent article from industry publication RBN Energy took a broad look at the state of Energy Transfer’s Pennsylvania assets, specifically the Mariner East pipelines and Marcus Hook Industrial Complex, which has helped to move the Commonwealth into one of… Read More ►

Gov. Tom Wolf Defers Anti-Pipeline Activists to PUC

August 23, 2019
A week ago, Gov. Tom Wolf confirmed with residents of East Goshen Township that the Mariner East pipelines will stay online. Anti-pipeline activists organized an event at the pipeline construction site to express their concerns to the governor about pipeline… Read More ►

PUC Closes Investigation into Mariner East Backfire

August 21, 2019
On Monday, PUC Spokesman David Hixson announced that review of Mariner East’s August 5 backfire took place, was completed and the matter is CLOSED. On August 5th, some West Goshen residents reported a loud “boom” to local police. The sound… Read More ►

President Visits Commonwealth, Touts Energy Dominance

August 14, 2019
Yesterday President Trump took his 13th visit to the Commonwealth, stopping in Monaca, Pennsylvania to tour the Shell ethylene plant. The President stuck to his agenda and touted the energy dominance the United States is experiencing with much credit due… Read More ►

UGI Subsidiary Acquires Columbia Midstream Group, LLC

August 7, 2019
UGI Corporation announced that its subsidiary, UGI Energy Services LLC, finalized its acquisition of the equity interests of Columbia Midstream Group for about $1.275 million. The President and Chief Executive Officer, John L. Walsh, made a statement addressing the company’s… Read More ►

Fearmongering vs. Reality: Let’s Focus on Reality

August 7, 2019
While many throughout Pennsylvania have tried to act as if they are emergency response experts, an actual emergency response professional, Kevin O’Connor penned an OpEd in today’s Harrisburg Patriot News titled, “Pipelines are the safest option for Pennsylvania.” O’Connor correctly… Read More ►

PA Media Lean on Exaggeration

August 6, 2019
Late Monday evening residents in West Goshen Township of Chester County reported a sound similar to a car backfire. The noise was later confirmed by company spokespeople to have been related to routine maintenance and inspection procedures at a Mariner… Read More ►