SEPA Labor Weighs in on DelCo Pipeline Moratorium

July 9, 2019
Following a Delaware County Council meeting late last month, with more than 100 labor union members in attendance, Steamfitters Local 420 member Pat Sheridan was featured in a Delco Times op-ed critiquing the proposed pipeline moratorium in Delaware County. Sheridan… Read More ►

Pipeline Infrastructure Needed to Keep Up With Production

July 9, 2019
Natural gas production in the United States is booming, especially in Pennsylvania where natural gas production grew by 14.7% in the first quarter of 2019, helping to produce over 20% of all natural gas in the country. The increase has… Read More ►

Labor Stands Up For Itself Against Delco Pipeline Moratorium

June 26, 2019
Two weeks ago PEIA discussed the proposed pipeline moratorium the Delaware County Council is considering. The council previously voted 3-0, with one abstention and one absence, to impose a moratorium on Sunoco owned and operated pipelines in Delaware County. PEIA… Read More ►

Statement: Labor Rallies against Delco Pipeline Moratorium

June 26, 2019
More than 100 skilled tradesmen from area labor organizations rallied at the Delaware County Council meeting today to protest a resolution that the panel adopted two weeks ago calling on Gov. Tom Wolf to impose a moratorium on the operation… Read More ►

Statement: Dinniman Telephone Town Hall Leaves Questions Unanswered

June 20, 2019
State Sen. Andy Dinniman hosted a telephone town hall meeting Wednesday night, inviting residents to sign up and submit questions that he would answer during the session, which was available online. Unsurprisingly, the senator mentioned the Mariner East pipeline network… Read More ►

Statement: Delco Moratorium Misses Mark on Pipeline

June 13, 2019
Delaware County Council on Wednesday voted, 3-0, in favor of a resolution urging Gov. Tom Wolf to impose a moratorium on the operation and transmission of Sunoco pipelines in Delaware County. One member abstained and another was absent from the… Read More ►

Energy Infrastructure No Political Forum

June 10, 2019
Earl Baker, former Chester County commissioner and two – term state Senator, weighed in on the politicization of the Mariner East 2 project in a recent Delco Times guest column. As Baker – and the Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance –… Read More ►

Direct Local Benefit of Mariner East

June 7, 2019
Media members and some elected officials have been slow to acknowledge the economic impacts of the Mariner East 2 project. The multi-billion dollar investment has provided tremendous opportunities for jobs and local economies. Following the fiscal impact of the construction… Read More ►