Another Ruling in Favor of Mariner East

June 5, 2018
Lebanon County Court of Common Pleas has rejected a challenge to Sunoco’s status as a public utility. This is not the first time the projects’ public utilities status has been called into question. But once again a judge ruled upholding… Read More ►

Statement: U.S. Supreme Court Decision Victory for Sunoco

June 4, 2018
Even as the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission prepares later this month to review elements from a ruling from by administrative law judge that halted construction of the Mariner East 2 and 2x pipelines and ceased operations of the existing Mariner… Read More ►

Letter to PUC over Recent Ruling by ALJ on Mariner East Pipelines

June 4, 2018
A letter submitted to the PUC asking to throw out a recent ruling by the ALJ that defied recent findings and a subsequent ruling by the PUC. Dear Secretary Chiavetta: On behalf of the Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance, a group… Read More ►

Misguided Protesters Unfairly Push Gov. Wolf to Shutdown ME2

May 31, 2018
Protesters are once again calling for the complete shutdown of Mariner East 2 pipeline, but this time they’re taking aim at Governor Tom Wolf to further their radical agenda. Earlier this month Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission administrative law Judge Elizabeth… Read More ►

Ruling on Mariner East Overlooks Regulatory Process

May 30, 2018
Last week Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission administrative law Judge Elizabeth Barnes issued an emergency order shutting down operations at Mariner East 1 and halting construction on part of Mariner East 2 and Mariner East 2X. The ruling by this activist… Read More ►

Deadlock Stalls Unnecessary Pipeline Study

May 29, 2018
After months of back and forth over whether another risk assessment should be conducted on Mariner East 2 pipeline, the Delaware County Council came to a deadlock last week with regard to a biased proposal. In January, members decided to… Read More ►

PEIA Responds to Mariner East Shutdown

May 24, 2018
An administration law judge for the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission today ordered Sunoco to “cease and desist all current operation, construction, including drilling activities on the Mariner East 1, 2 and Mariner East 2X pipeline” in West Whiteland Township. The… Read More ►

Labor Backs Plans for Marcus Hook at DEP Hearing

May 22, 2018
Several Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance (PEIA) members, along with local officials, businesses and residents, testified tonight at a hearing before the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to support proposed upgrades at the Marcus Hook Industrial Complex that could result… Read More ►