Earth Day is Used by Activists to Push Causes Beyond its Original Intent

April 27, 2020
Last week marked the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, a day originally meant to champion conservation causes across the nation. Today Earth Day is often used by fringe activists to push extreme measures that would ultimately do more harm to… Read More ►

Energy Industry Steps Up to Battle COVID – 19 Pt. II

April 24, 2020
As a follow up to yesterday’s blog about workers at the Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania Braskem plant that ‘lived in’ at the plant for 28 days to focus production on important chemical feedstock for medical supplies to fight COVID – 19,… Read More ►

Recent Editorial in the Inquirer Neglects the Importance of Energy Infrastructure in PA

April 24, 2020
In an editorial published by the Philadelphia Inquirer Will Bunch, like the many anti-pipeline activists, refuses to acknowledge the benefits that Pennsylvanians reap everyday due to energy infrastructure. He calls PA’s promised economic future a “scam” but doesn’t mention the… Read More ►

Pennsylvanians Step Up to Battle COVID – 19

April 23, 2020
Hats off to the 40 plus Braskem employees that sacrificed the last month of their lives to live on – site at the Marcus Hook production plant working round the clock to boost polypropylene production, a key material in N95… Read More ►

CPV Fairview and Pennsylvania’s Great Energy Potential

April 23, 2020
An article in Our Town yesterday highlighted CPV Fairview and its potential to lower price of energy for PA’s consumers while protecting the environment. CPV Fairview is located in Jackson Township, PA and has been operating since December 2019. It… Read More ►

Riverkeeper Slapped Down in Federal Court

April 20, 2020
Seldom does a day go by when we find an anti-pipeline fringe activist castigating the Mariner East Pipeline and/or the DEP with false information. Late last week, these actions received a sharp reprimand by Judge Paul S. Diamond from the… Read More ►

PEIA Statement on Dismissal of Delaware Riverkeeper Network’s Lawsuit Against Mariner East II

April 17, 2020
During this pandemic, some days are exactly like the others. The same applies to the courtroom when it comes to the frivolous lawsuits that have been filed against Mariner East and summarily dismissed by courts. The latest example is the… Read More ►

Statement: Ensuring Worker Safety on ME2

April 15, 2020
Officials in Delaware and Chester counties allege the builder of the Mariner East pipeline network may be receiving “special treatment” because the state permitted essential construction activity to resume, and they expressed concern about community spread among workers. The work… Read More ►