Incumbent District Attorneys Have Begun Running for Reelection

March 12, 2019
Mariner East 2 went through what the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection deemed, the “most strenuous” permit approval process, yet politicians across the Commonwealth do what they do best: make baseless political assertions in order to try to win reelection.… Read More ►

Fake News Hits Harrisburg

March 12, 2019
Pipeline opponents continue to rely on Hail Mary attempts in hopes to halt the natural gas industry in Pennsylvania. A recent letter to Governor Wolf signed by 14 local elected officials, including the usual suspects of Sen. Dinniman, Rep. Friel… Read More ►

Video: Economic Expert Kevin Gillen Weighs In On Consumer Savings Facilitated through NG Pipelines

March 1, 2019
Consumer savings associated with infrastructure projects may be difficult to grasp at first. After all, how are big energy infrastructure projects expected to put money back in consumers’ wallets? Fortunately, Kevin Gillen – a Wharton PhD educated economist – can… Read More ►

Release: Campaigning on Pipelines

March 1, 2019
Just a few hours after terminating temporary easements and threatening legal action against the developers of the Mariner East pipeline projects in her official capacity as county commissioner, Chester County Commissioner Kathu Cozzone’s re-election campaign machine went into high gear,… Read More ►

Expert Insights – Kevin O’Connor

February 26, 2019
The latest installment of the Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association’s PMA Perspective series titled “Pipelines Expand Prosperity” recently premiered and featured valuable insight on pipelines, Pennsylvania natural gas and first responders. Though a number of guests were featured PEIA would like to… Read More ►

Video: Pipelines Are Critical To Pennsylvania

February 22, 2019
Our latest video features David Black, Harrisburg Regional Chamber President and CEO, as he discusses the necessity of pipelines for Pennsylvania’s future and immediate success. The Harrisburg Regional Chamber focuses on fostering economic growth and development through its Capital Region… Read More ►

Wall Street Journal: Gas Shortages Give New York an Early Taste of the Green New Deal

February 18, 2019
The combination of hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling—sometimes known as the “shale revolution”—has enabled Texas, Pennsylvania and other states to produce record quantities of natural gas, some of which is being frozen, loaded onto giant ships, and transported to customers… Read More ►

Economic Prosperity via Strong Energy Garners Bipartisan Support

February 12, 2019
When Shell announced plans in 2016 to construct a ‘cracker plant’ – used to refine and distribute liquid natural gas – the local economic benefits were obvious. A $6 billion capital investment, some 1,000 immediate jobs and over 6,000 indirect… Read More ►