Spotlight PA Emphasizes the Complexity of Pipeline Infrastructure

October 19, 2020
Spotlight PA ran a two-part series highlighting the Mariner East Pipeline that traverses 350 miles of Pennsylvania. Along Mariner East pipelines, secrecy and a patchwork of emergency plans leave many at risk and in the dark Emergency plans fail to… Read More ►

SEPA State Representative Race Spotlighted in Delaware Valley Journal

October 15, 2020
Delaware Valley Journal has undertaken a series highlighting upcoming Delaware Valley political races. An important race for Chester County is that for freshman Pennsylvania State Representative Danielle Friel Otten, who made much of her campaign a referendum on the Mariner… Read More ►

Mariner East Provides Energy for Local Use

October 12, 2020
There is nothing wrong with being opposed to pipelines, but there is when the basis of your opposition are lies and misinformation. Some pipeline opponents claim to be experts on the energy industry, but lack any sort of education or… Read More ►

Mariner East Eyeing Full Completion

October 6, 2020
With a presidential election looming and the Commonwealth positioned as a contentious battleground state, it can be difficult to lose sight of the larger issues at stake. Notably, the Mariner East pipeline system is nearing completion; we are in view… Read More ►

How Natural Gas Powers Industry, Arts, Agriculture & More

September 24, 2020
On Thursday afternoon, Think About Energy hosted a webinar about how the Marcellus Shale has positively impacted Pennsylvania and its various counties and communities. The webinar, titled “Local Community Growth and Sustainability with the Natural Gas Industry,” was moderated by… Read More ►

Statement: DEP Approves Modifications for Mariner East Construction in Cheso, Delco

September 22, 2020
The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) today approved modifications to construction methods used at several sites along the Mariner East pipeline project. The modifications address changes to pipeline installation methodology at two locations in Chester County and one in… Read More ►

Value of Pipelines & Natural Gas Processing Facilities Highlighted by Recent Opposition to LNG Trains in Philly

September 22, 2020
As readers know, pipelines are deemed the safest means of energy resource transport. This, according to the Department of Transportation Pipeline Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA). In fact, pipelines are found to be 4.5 times safer than transport by rail.… Read More ►

Energy Wisdom in Delaware Valley Journal from Former Congressman

September 16, 2020
Just days before Hurricane Sally dumped rain and brought strong winds to the Gulf of Mexico the Delaware Valley Journal published a piece that is more salient than ever. Titled ‘Gulf Coast and California Should Serve as Lessons for PA’… Read More ►