Radical Groups Move for Unnecessary Risk Assessment Study

July 10, 2018
Radical opposition groups in Pennsylvania are officially moving forward with an independent risk assessment of the Mariner East pipeline. An article in the Delco News Network and Delco Times reports the group has engaged a vendor to perform the study.… Read More ►

Theatrics Overshadow Truth

July 5, 2018
Once again theatrics over inadvertent returns are spreading through the media and pipeline opposition groups are hopping on their soapboxes. Marcellus Drilling News reported that during horizontally directional drilling (HDD) for Mariner East 2 Pipeline underneath Snitz Creek in Lebanon… Read More ►

Charlie Melancon’s Interview on Pennsylvania Manufacturers’ Association Perspective

July 2, 2018
Former Louisiana Congressman Charles Melancon sat down with Carl Marrara on Pennsylvania Manufacturers’ Association Perspective to discuss energy leadership and manufacturing opportunities in the United States and Pennsylvania. The show focuses on business, government, and politics in Pennsylvania. Melancon says… Read More ►

PEIA Marks Three-Year Anniversary

June 29, 2018
Earlier this month the Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance (PEIA) marked its three-year anniversary. Since its inception back in 2015 PEIA has grown into a broad-based coalition that supports private investments in pipelines and other energy infrastructure, fueling Pennsylvania’s industrial and… Read More ►

Duplicative Risk Assessment Study Excessive Move

June 28, 2018
The battle over whether a redundant risk assessment should be conducted on Mariner East 2 pipeline continues to be debated by the Delaware County Council. Last week the council decided to move forward on an altered proposal. Pipeline experts are… Read More ►

Full Senate Supports Multi-State Gas Storage Hub

June 20, 2018
Last week, as reported by the Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance, the Senate Environmental Resources and Energy Committee approved a bipartisan resolution (S.R. 375) that calls on the U.S. Congress to support the development of an ethane storage hub in the… Read More ►

Statement: ME1 Restarts in Pa.

June 20, 2018
Even as opponents continue pursuing countless avenues to shut down the legally permitted Mariner East projects, especially Mariner East 2, which is nearly completed, proponents of investments in energy infrastructure marked the restart of Mariner East 1 this week. After… Read More ►

PUC Rules on ME1, Defers Ruling on ME2 and ME2X

June 15, 2018
On June 14th the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission voted 3-2 to put Mariner East 1 pipeline back into operation. While we commend the move, we are disappointed that the halt on construction of Mariner East 2 and Mariner East 2X… Read More ►