Increased Inspections Lead to Record Gas Production in PA

Last year set a record for natural gas production in Pennsylvania. While this is welcomed news, the real story is the rise in inspections and environmental protections.

According to the Department of Environmental Protection’s annual oil and gas report, total inspections reached record levels in 2017, with over 36,000 compliance inspections conducted. For the last three years DEP has averaged 35,483 total inspections each year, that’s up from an average of 26,230 in the four years before.

In a statement DEP Secretary Patrick McDonnell said, “As the production of natural gas in Pennsylvania reached record volume last year, DEP continued to work hard on program developments that improved customer service to industry and strengthened environmental protection.”

The DEP also worked to expand electronic form submissions for operators, saving crews’ time and allowing the public better insight into the regulatory process. This small change can have a big impact on construction, making sure projects are not only in compliance but also operating on an efficient time table.

Infrastructure development is critical to maintaining our everyday way of life. By increasing inspections and transparency with the public the DEP is ensuring that these vital products can be completed on time and in the safest manner possible.

We are thrilled that Pennsylvania is maintaining its status as the second-largest producer of natural gas in the United States. We hope this trend continues into the future.