Increased Pipeline Scrutiny Highlights Need For Pipeline Infrastructure

Pipeline opponents’ voices are loudest when calling for a complete shutdown of pipeline infrastructure projects though they rarely consider the costs of insufficient and incomplete infrastructure.

A recent opinion piece in the Harrisburg Patriot News shed more light on the necessity of a robust pipeline infrastructure, particularly in a state like Pennsylvania.

Natural gas serves as the primary heating source for more than half of the state and the pipelines are a critical means for the delivery of energy to local schools, hospitals, and homes.

Pipeline opponents must carefully consider the hidden costs Pennsylvanians will incur if pipeline infrastructure is halted. Without the sufficient framework to deliver natural gas Pennsylvania risks statewide energy shortages that could manifest as closed schools or hospitals, and certainly a hit on the wallet of every household.

Pipelines are shown to be four and a half times safer than other energy transportation methods. Additionally, PHMSA research indicates a significant (about 150%) decrease in serious pipeline incidents over the past two decades as the pipeline industry has grown to spend $21 billion on safety development annually.

As Mariner East 2 nears completion and begins operation we encourage all Pennsylvanians to acknowledge how a strong pipeline infrastructure will facilitate safe and reliable energy delivery, lower costs, and a lead in the charge to grow America’s energy industry.