Former U.S Congressman Touts Infrastructure Importance

Former United States Congressman Charles Melancon, who served on the House Committee for Energy and Commerce, was featured in a local Pennsylvania newspaper discussing his recent visit to the Competitive Power Venture (CPV) Fairview and the vital role infrastructure plays in Pennsylvania’s energy industry.

The piece showcases benefits including reliable energy, job creation, and robust economic benefits at the individual and state level.

As Melancon says:

“I was given a firsthand look at how the $1.1 billion natural gas-fueled combined-cycle electric generation will utilize Enbridge’s Texas Eastern Transmission and Sunoco’s Mariner East 2 pipelines to bring reliable, economical and environmentally safe energy to the state…The soon-to-open plant is also helping spur the job market, employing as many as 500 workers during the construction process.”

In addition to the 500 construction workers employed on at the site, the plant anticipates an annual payroll of $3 million for full – time employees.

Mr. Melancon sees the CPV plants as a “promising investment” for Pennsylvania and one that will “…boost America’s energy sector, making it a super power.”

The prospect of leading the charge in America’s energy dominance is an exciting one. We are proud of the forthcoming completion of Mariner East 2 and its contributions to the CPV well into the future.