Statement: Delco Moratorium Misses Mark on Pipeline

June 13, 2019
Delaware County Council on Wednesday voted, 3-0, in favor of a resolution urging Gov. Tom Wolf to impose a moratorium on the operation and transmission of Sunoco pipelines in Delaware County. One member abstained and another was absent from the… Read More ►

Energy Infrastructure No Political Forum

June 10, 2019
Earl Baker, former Chester County commissioner and two – term state Senator, weighed in on the politicization of the Mariner East 2 project in a recent Delco Times guest column. As Baker – and the Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance –… Read More ►

Direct Local Benefit of Mariner East

June 7, 2019
Media members and some elected officials have been slow to acknowledge the economic impacts of the Mariner East 2 project. The multi-billion dollar investment has provided tremendous opportunities for jobs and local economies. Following the fiscal impact of the construction… Read More ►

Political Grandstanding is Sen. Dinniman’s Preferred Way to do Business, Even Though it is Ineffective

June 6, 2019
Yesterday, Senator Andy Dinniman joined one other member of the Pennsylvania State Senate to oppose the reconfirmation of Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Secretary, Patrick McDonnell. Senator Dinniman has been quite vocal about his opposition to Secretary McDonnell’s reconfirmation, citing… Read More ►

Video: Pipeline Safety

June 6, 2019
Following a panel discussion at the Delaware County Community College, the Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance caught up with Geo Logic Environmental Services President and Owner Bill Godsey. Godsey was able to provide valuable insight on pipelines and their safety from… Read More ►

Energy Expert Emphasizes Facts, Not Semantics

June 3, 2019
Recent coverage of Pennsylvania’s Mariner East 2 project has become hotly politicized thanks to legislators leaning on hyperbole, fearmongering, and a doubling-down on their commitment not to acknowledge infrastructure realities. A guest column in the Delco Times by former Texas… Read More ►

Video: Pipeline Safety Expert Discusses Emergency Preparedness and Training

May 23, 2019
Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance caught up with Greg Noll, pipeline safety expert, at the 97th Annual PSATS Conference in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Greg Noll is a senior partner with Hildebrand and Noll Associates, a consulting firm specializing in emergency planning, and… Read More ►

Pipeline Infrastructure is Good for Pennsylvania Jobs – This is Lost on Pipeline Opponents

May 22, 2019
Jim Snell, Business Manager of Steamfitters Local 420 wrote a great piece for the West Chester Daily Local in response to Representative Danielle Friel Otten’s comparison of union construction workers to “Nazis.” Snell, members of organized labor, the Anti-Defamation League,… Read More ►