CPV Fairview and Pennsylvania’s Great Energy Potential

An article in Our Town yesterday highlighted CPV Fairview and its potential to lower price of energy for PA’s consumers while protecting the environment.

CPV Fairview is located in Jackson Township, PA and has been operating since December 2019. It has the capability to generate enough electricity to power 1 million homes. The plant is dedicated to providing low cost energy for Pennsylvanians while ensuring the use of clean natural gas and advanced emissions control.

CPV Fairview has recently taken their dedication a step further. The plant is now the first to install a GE Gas Power combustion system. The system will allow the machinery to vaporize a 25% blend of liquid ethane with natural gas instead of the 5% that most plants have the ability to do. It will give the plant flexibility in using a blend that is the most cost effective at any given time.

Charlie Melancon, a former congressman and U.S. House Committee on Energy and Commerce member, believes that this will help PA boost their energy sector while reducing energy prices for consumers. He calls for locals to embrace additional pipeline infrastructure in order for PA to receive the most optimal economic benefits.