PEIA Statement on Dismissal of Delaware Riverkeeper Network’s Lawsuit Against Mariner East II

During this pandemic, some days are exactly like the others. The same applies to the courtroom when it comes to the frivolous lawsuits that have been filed against Mariner East and summarily dismissed by courts.

The latest example is the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania ruling against the Delaware Riverkeeper Network, which alleged the legally permitted Mariner East project violated the Clean Water Act.

In a strongly worded opinion, the court disagreed, saying “(s)uch litigation tactics do nothing to protect the environment,” calling some of the Riverkeeper’s actions inappropriate, and making clear that imposing liability here “would offend basic principles of fairness and effect an absurd result” and even “violate due process.”

Of course, none of this should be a surprise. This case is simply the latest in a string of legal challenges at every level that have been shot down and uphold the lawful development of the Mariner East project, which was subject to dozens of public meetings and hearings and underwent a rigorous review before being permitted.

If you are writing about the court decision, please find the following statement by Kurt Knaus, spokesman for the Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance:

“This isn’t simply a stamp of approval by the courts in favor of Mariner East. This strongly worded opinion is a punch in the gut to groups like the Delaware Riverkeeper Network and others that continue to file frivolous lawsuits against this project. Mariner East has received one affirmative ruling after another, and each victory exposes the baseless claims by anti-pipeline activists for what they are.”


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