Pipeline Developer Has Been a Great Partner to Local Residents

Great piece by a local resident in the Beaver County Times related to the great partnership with the developer and crews of the Revolution Pipeline and the community.

Letter: Pipeline workers deserve praise

It’s not often that people share positive feedback these days, or at least we only hear and read about the negative. If there is some sort of construction project near somebody’s home or business, a lot of people watch and wait for something to complain about. I have worked in the construction industry my entire career. I found the best managers will give credit when it’s deserved, thus the reason for this letter.

Contractors for Energy Transfer, a national pipeline operator, are doing some work on the Revolution gas line near my house in New Sewickley Township. I can honestly say that the whole experience in which they employ Local 66 Operating Engineers members has been positive. Those fine men and women continually demonstrate nothing but respect and consideration for our property on this project to implement further environmental protection measures. The crews are working six-day weeks. When I leave for work in the a.m., I see the crew gathered for the norm of a pre-job conference reflecting primarily on safety and the tasks related to the day. That is the definition of a safe and quality contractor.

The most important thing to me is that they put safety first and foremost. I’ve met and talked to their safety manager and project foreman and they are doing it right. Everything they do is carefully executed with safety in mind especially with the challenging terrain.

Another point to their credit is how they manage their staging area, their equipment and material.

I’m at the end of my career, and I know how much it means to get positive feedback. I think it’s important and I just have to say I don’t have a single negative complaint about the work being done on my property by this group of fine, quality people.

Rich Schlegel, New Sewickley Township