Revolution Pipeline Marks Another Milestone in PA’s Infrastructure Development

Energy has provided the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania tremendous economic growth over the past decade. While we are still far behind with regard to pipeline infrastructure to help support this industry, progress is occurring.

Yesterday, the Revolution Pipeline was put into service. This pipeline transports natural gas through Butler, Beaver, Allegheny, and Washington Counties, providing a critical access line for producers with few alternative options to get their product to market.

Pipelines are the safest means to transport energy resources according to the U.S Department of Transportation Pipeline Hazardous Materials Safety Administration. The Fraser Institute went a step further and says that pipelines are 4.5 times safer than transport by rail.

Revolution has faced many challenges. In 2018, an extreme weather occurrence caused an incident that put the pipeline out of commission for over two years. The pipeline developer and operator paid a historic fine, but because of their commitment to the project and to Pennsylvania, did what was necessary to get the project into operation.

As reported by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “The DEP said the company has shown that the pipeline now is overbuilt to the point that it has a high safety factor. While the DEP previously insisted that the entire right of way must be permanently stabilized before gas could flow again, the settlement gives Energy Transfer more time to reach that goal. In the meantime, instruments installed at certain slopes will measure stability, groundwater levels and ground movement.”

Revolution has been a great source of jobs for Pennsylvania’s trained, skilled, union workers. Having these workers as part of the team ensures the pipeline will operate safely.