Pennsylvania’s Propane: Affordable, Clean and Reliable for Keystone’s Farmers

Chris Herr, Executive Vice President of PennAg Industries Association, recently penned an op-ed for The Patriot-News, (“Abundant, affordable propane powers Pennsylvania agriculture” March 15, 2021) detailing how propane is the primary heating source for Pennsylvania homes, and remains an affordable and clean energy resource.

Herr raises the important point how Pennsylvania’s farmers rely on propane to power their daily operations, such as running their equipment and is highly efficient for heating larger areas. Having a reliable resource such as propane throughout the winter is critical, while farmers cannot control the weather and need a source of energy to power them through potential power outages in order to sustain these vital agricultural operations and keep the grocery stores fully stocked.

While propane is reliable and efficient, Herr also highlights how it is one of cleanest burning of all fossil fuels, and adds almost $2 million to local economies. The affordability allows farmers the opportunity for improved production with lower costs and the flexibility to address any issues in a clean and cost-effective way.

Farmers are among one of the most environmentally friendly groups historically, as they respect their land, while utilizing their resources for the benefit of all Pennsylvanians. In fact, some of their farms have pipelines crossing their property, which allows them to be part of the delivery chain for these valuable resources, while being responsible stewards of the land.

Herr concludes the piece by underscoring the importance of Pennsylvania continuing to invest in energy infrastructure in a safe and responsible way, in order to continue delivering an affordable and reliable energy source, such as natural gas and decreasing our foreign energy reliance. We can continue to ensure Pennsylvania is fed and fueled, while being environmentally responsible all at the same time.