PA Can Meet Growing Energy Needs

The Energy Information Administration (EIA) released a report this past week detailing the future of energy production and consumption worldwide. The study found that the world will consume 28 percent more energy by 2040 and the energy sector will grow to meet the demand. The EIA projected that natural gas and oil will continue to dominate production in the coming decades. Our policies need to reflect that reality. We need a safe, efficient way to transport our fuel- cars, trucks, and trains have limited shelf lives. They are less safe, less secure, subject to human error, and are generally inefficient. Their limited shelf life and drawbacks leave one viable solution; efficient, permanent, energy infrastructure. In our booming energy economy that continues to set record highs, pipelines are the best path forward. Projects like Mariner East 2 represent a serious effort to secure the region’s economic and energy future.

Pennsylvania should have a stake in this; it stands to gain too much to ignore the opportunity. The Marcellus and Utica shale formations have tremendous natural gas deposits that have already contributed a great deal to our economy. There are companies willing and able to capitalize on these opportunities. Their infrastructure investments will bring thousands of new jobs, stimulate the economy, and lower fuel costs across the state. Projects like Mariner East 2 would bring billions of dollars into Pennsylvania’s economy. That money would strengthen and sustain the economy for decades to come.

Energy needs are only going up, while oil and gas are not going anywhere. Pennsylvania should take this chance to cement its position as a major energy player.