Economic Impact of Mariner East Projects Double Previous Estimates

While crossing the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the Mariner East projects touch scores of communities. As construction progresses, the economic impacts of the project grow and impact thousands of people. A study recently released by Econsult finds the full benefits that these infrastructure projects will bring to the state.

According to Econsult, the “total potential economic impact from all Mariner East construction in the Commonwealth…is estimated to be $9.1 billion,” which will help to support “approximately 9,500 total jobs each year over six years of construction, with earnings of $2.7 billion.” Econsult finds that this is, in fact, “more than double the previous estimated economic impact from construction on the project.”

Along with pipeline infrastructure, these numbers also include the economic benefits brought on by the Marcus Hook Industrial Complex, which will be used to process the natural resources that are produced and transported right here in Pennsylvania. The complex will support between 360 and 530 jobs each year, adding up to $210 million in economic impact each year, while bringing in up to $2.1 million in state taxes.

The substantial economic impacts of the Mariner East projects are already well documented, and these new figures only amplify how much good these projects can do for the people of Pennsylvania. Growing our natural gas infrastructure will bring economic boon to Pennsylvania, and it’s important that we stay the course and move forward with these important projects.