Watch: Marcus Hook Industrial Complex

Energy Transfer Partners is currently purposing the Marcus Hook Industrial Complex as a site for the distribution, storing ,and processing of natural gas liquids from the Marcellus Shale, creating jobs and helping to boost the local economy.

Rick Hochstuhl: Project Manager, IBEW Local 654

“I’m 40 years in the IBEW and I started here as a first-year apprentice. This is a plant that has always been good to our local. They went out of business and shuttered the place and it hurt us economically and personally.”

Jon Hunt: Vice-President Terminal Operations, Energy Transfer

“It feels great, for everyone working here including myself it’s great to be part of that story. To see something that is sort of down and out but then a rebirth of this site and what that has done for the people that work here and their families. The products that we move and store, transport goes in all sorts of things that affect our customers lives… water bottles, plastics/composite materials in your iPhone, your bicycle.”