New Study Expands Economic Promise of ME2 Projects

Harrisburg, Pa. — A newly released study that re-examines the potential economic impact of the Mariner East pipeline projects shows the value of this critical infrastructure is even greater than first anticipated, generating a one-time economic impact of nearly $9.1 billion in Pennsylvania and supporting 57,070 jobs during the entire construction period with earnings of $2.7 billion.

The updated report by Econsult Solutions, which issued an earlier economic analysis of the projects in February 2015, also states that the Mariner East projects could generate an estimated $122 million in total to the commonwealth over the length of the construction period.

“We are not just building a modern energy infrastructure with the Mariner East projects. We are giving a huge, sustained boost to our entire commonwealth economy,” said Jeff Kotula, president of the Washington County Chamber of Commerce and a founding member of the Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance (PEIA).

“It’s hard to argue with these numbers,” said Abe Amoros, state legislative director at Laborers International Union of North America (LiUNA!), which has more than 25,000 members in Pennsylvania. “But workers in Pennsylvania don’t need a report to tell them what they already know: these pipeline projects are a lifeline to stable, family-supporting jobs.”

PEIA members have crisscrossed Pennsylvania to support pipeline projects and promote private investments that will help to build out the state’s infrastructure network, with members offering testimony and public remarks at numerous federal, state and local public hearings and forums in dozens of communities in counties across the state. The new Econsult report validates their efforts.

“Our skilled laborers are proud of the work they’re doing to build Pennsylvania’s future,” said James T. Kunz, Jr., business manager for International Union of Operating Engineers Local 66, which covers 33 counties in western Pennsylvania. “They know they’re not just laying a pipeline. They are setting the stage to ensure Pennsylvania boosts its long-term local manufacturing, transportation, and trade opportunities.”

PEIA is a broad-based coalition comprising labor, agriculture, conservation, manufacturing, retail and other business groups focused on increasing access to affordable natural gas and natural gas liquids so that production of these valuable energy resources provides the greatest benefit for Pennsylvania workers and consumers, and the overall economy. There are more than two dozen PEIA members today.

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