Unnecessary Regulatory Delays Hurt Investments

The continued tug of war over what level of regulation and oversight is required for pipeline safety is ongoing in Pennsylvania. Some ideological advocates have shown that no level of regulation is enough for their interests while Pennsylvania needs better regulatory certainty in order for the necessary investments to be made in the state to receive the full benefits of the Marcellus and Utica Shale production.

It has been stated a number of times that pipelines are the safest means to transport energy resources; however, the pipeline opposition groups would rather these resources be transported by truck on our roadways and train, which are both more hazardous to our communities and the environment.

Unfortunately, Pennsylvania’s regulatory process continues to be unclear. A number of weeks ago, the PUC shut down operations of the Mariner East 1 pipeline because of what some have argued were sinkholes created by a regulatory construction halt. Following a month of tests that have shown no damage to the operation of the Mariner East 1 line, the PUC is continuing to drag their feet to restart the line’s operation.

Pipeline construction and operation are highly regulated and rightly so. But the unnecessary delays that these projects experience only hurt those interested in making future investments.