PA Homes without Heat as More Winter Weather Approaches

It may be spring, but it seems that winter isn’t done with Pennsylvania. Over the next week there are three chances of snow in the forecast for the state. With this new round of winter weather, it’s more crucial than ever that we have readily available propane to heat our houses

Without building more pipeline infrastructure the United States will not be able to properly keep up with domestic demand. In January, a record-setting cold snap made gas prices in parts of the east coast and mid-west the highest in the world. The spike in prices fueled by lack of adequate infrastructure.

As people across Pennsylvania crank up their thermostats, it’s vital that they have access to low-cost and efficient sources of heat. Critics continue to tout that energy infrastructure is not necessary, but blasts of winter weather like the one on the way proves exactly why increased pipeline infrastructure is necessary.

According to Pennsylvania’s Public Utility Commission more than 13,500 homes do not have safe heating services in their homes. This is simply unacceptable when there are sustainable options not being utilized due to needless opposition to energy infrastructure.

In order to stop relying on scarce viable options to heat homes we must expand our pipeline infrastructure in Pennsylvania.