The PA Energy and Infrastructure Alliance: Securing the Commonwealth’s Energy Future

Pennsylvania has been a hotbed of economic activity in recent years, due to our thriving energy sector.  As this growth continues, we need to ensure that these energy resources are being transported in the safest, most efficient way possible.  Research has unequivocally shown that pipelines are the safest way to transport our energy resources.  According to the Department of Transportation, pipelines outperform rail and truck delivery.

The Washington and Delaware counties have witnessed firsthand the benefits that investments in pipelines have delivered to their communities and businesses they represent.   That’s why the Washington and Delaware County Chambers of Commerce have led the formation of this new coalition to support increased investment in new and modernizing existing pipeline infrastructure in Pennsylvania.

The coalition represents diverse perspectives that all strongly believe our state must invest in infrastructure projects to sustain the long-term economic growth of our state. Plans to expand infrastructure, such as the Mariner East project, represent an economic boost today and sustainable economic growth for our future.