The PA Energy Infrastructure Alliance: The Benefits of Infrastructure Development

Marcellus Shale development has created a resurgence of economic activity in our state. The direct and indirect benefits of this multi-billion dollar industry have revived our manufacturing industry, while providing new economic opportunities for businesses throughout the state. According to the Department of Labor and Industry, 28,155 people work directly in the oil and gas industry in Pennsylvania and thousands of more work indirectly for the state.

Take for example, the Mariner East projects. The initial construction of the Mariner East pipelines is estimated to inject $4.2 billion into the Pennsylvanian economy and create more than 30,100 jobs. Once operational, the project is slated to contribute nearly $150 million annually to the Commonwealth’s economy.  By ensuring our energy resources are transported safely, we can benefit from the economic boost.

Concerns over pipeline development in our region must be addressed.  We have thoroughly reviewed the proposed projects and believe that getting informed is essential to considering the upside of such investment. Studies have shown that pipeline infrastructure is the safest mode of transportation for energy, statistically safer than rail or truck. We strongly believe that Pennsylvania doesn’t have to choose between safety and economic growth – we can have both as long as we continue to support infrastructure development.

Moving forward, the Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance (PEIA) will work to help keep the conversation about pipelines focused on the facts. We will look at pipeline projects throughout the region to discuss the wide array of benefits these projects bring to our local economy, while ensuring the safest form of transportation throughout the region.