Statement: Lawmaker Compares Pipeline Workers as Nazis

Yesterday, state Rep. Danielle Friel Otten took to Twitter to compare hardworking pipeline construction employees who are building a lawfully permitted project to “Nazis.”  Her tweet is below, along with the attached screen shot. The tweet she is responding to can be found here:

Danielle Friel Otten


The nazis were just doing their jobs too.

Please find a statement from Kurt Knaus, spokesman for the Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance, below:

“There are many ways to protest a pipeline — even pipelines that have been lawfully permitted — but to liken hardworking construction workers to ‘Nazis’ reaches the deepest depths of indecency. Rep. Friel Otten’s tasteless tweet is not only unbecoming of the office she holds and an insult to the men and women who work hard to bring energy to homes across the state, it wholly minimizes the horrors and suffering that the Nazis executed upon millions of people.  Her characterization is unfair, unfounded, and unconscionable.”

Kurt Knaus, Spokesman
Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance
P: 717-571-5687
Harrisburg, Pa.

PEIA is a broad-based coalition of labor, agriculture, manufacturing and other business interests statewide that support private investment in pipeline and other energy infrastructure developments.