Pennsylvania Media Takes Note of Mariner East Benefits

A recent op-ed in Penn Live lays out critical points that many news outlets across the state have chosen to ignore and exclude from their commentary. Earl Baker, a three-term Chester County Commissioner and two-term Pennsylvania State Senator, asks us to “keep our eye on the ball” when considering natural gas pipeline infrastructure in the state.

Baker’s case is a compelling vote of confidence for the Mariner East 2 project and subsequent pipeline projects critical to realizing the state’s energy potential.

Earl highlights a key point on the importance of natural gas, particularly for Pennsylvania which has “the country’s second largest deposit of natural gas” that should be transported through natural gas pipelines, which Baker confirmed as “…the safest, most efficient method of transporting energy products…”

Before natural gas pipelines are commissioned they undergo “rigorous, multi-year permitting and approval process that involves local, state, and federal regulators.” though pipeline opponents are shy to admit and acknowledge this fact.

Lastly, pipeline opponents must understand the economic potential large scale infrastructure projects like Mariner East 2 offer the state. Specifically, “In addition to safely transporting natural gas, it’s estimated the Mariner East projects provide more than $9 billion in economic impact to the Commonwealth and supported approximately 9,500 jobs each year over the six years of construction.

The Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance is thrilled by the energy opportunities on the horizon for the state though to fully realize the potential pipeline opponents must acknowledge the points Earl Baker lays out in his op-ed.