Recommended Restart of Mariner East 1 Pipeline

Nearly 2 months after the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission shutdown Mariner East 1 pipeline, the PUC is recommending that the pipeline be put back into operation.

On March 7th an emergency order was issued after sinkholes appeared near the pipeline-construction site in Chester County’s West Whiteland Township. Yesterday The Bureau of Investigation and Enforcement declare it is satisfied that the integrity of ME1 was not compromised by the sinkholes and should be allowed to restart.

This decision helps ensure continued economic growth across the state. The Mariner East 1 pipeline helped give local workers stable jobs, while boosting the economy in the Commonwealth. The Mariner East projects are supporting approximately 9,500 total jobs each year over six years of construction, with earnings of $2.7 billion.

We hail the regulatory decision to resume operations and put an end to unnecessary delays that prevent Pennsylvania from seeing the full economic potential that energy infrastructure will bring to the community.

The PUC is meeting today to decide if it will approve the recommendation to resume operations for Mariner East 1.