PEIA Members Back ME2 Permit Modifications

Several Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance (PEIA) members — including Boilermakers Local 14, Laborers International (LiUNA), International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) Local 542 and Steamfitters Local 420 — testified at a hearing before the state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to urge approval of permit modifications for Mariner East 2.

The modifications, which were proposed months ago, are industry best practices and necessary to ensure the most environmentally safe installation of the pipeline in the designated areas in West Whiteland Township, Chester County. They should be approved without further delay.

PEIA members testified that trades have highly trained, highly qualified workers who are up to speed on the latest technologies and safety procedures for development. Beyond that, pipeline transportation not only is more economically beneficial and efficient than alternative forms, such as trucks and trains, but it also is healthier, safer and more responsible. Study after study shows that pipelines are the safest, most efficient way to transport energy resources.

Despite benefits being realized by skilled laborers and communities across the commonwealth, opponents want to stop a project where 94 percent of the mainline construction is complete and 83 percent of the horizontal directional drills are complete, the very form of installation proposed here. The projects must adhere to strict state and federal regulation throughout construction, testing and infrastructure replacement to ensure system integrity.

In response to the hearing, please find copied below a statement from the Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance. Feel free to quote me, Kurt Knaus, as PEIA spokesman:


 “It is difficult to argue against the positive benefits that this project will provide. Yet, opponents to this pipeline will do and say anything to prevent its completion and diminish the $9.1 billion economic impact it will have for Pennsylvania and the 57,000 jobs it will create. More than 29,000 formal comments were submitted at five state hearings held across the line as part of a review process that stretched more than three years. Residents have had ample opportunities to provide input on the pipeline — and their voices have been heard and continue to be heard. The regulatory oversight of this project has been strict, as proven by the actions taken by DEP. There’s nothing pretty about large construction projects, and that’s exactly what this 350-mile project is. But all of these major infrastructure projects — whether they are pipelines or highways or bridges — are essential to our way of life and continued growth. DEP should act without delay to approve these permit modifications.”

For more than two years, the Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance has advocated for the safe, responsible development of critical infrastructure and boosts in economic activity. More information about the alliance can be found here:


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