PA PUC Letter Shines Light on Pipeline Safety

A recent letter from the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission has again reinforced the robust safety of pipelines in the Mariner East 2 system.

Following the requests from local school superintendents in Downtington, Rose Tree, and West Chester school districts to examine the safety of a supplemental line being put in use to facilitate Mariner East 2 supply, two hydrostatic tests were done finding that the pipeline complied with federal and state level safety regulations.

Additionally, the tests were done at two different times. Once in October of 2017 and again almost a year later in September 2018. While one test would’ve sufficed, Sunoco went above and beyond to have a more recent test done to doubly ensure the line’s readiness.

Paul Metro, manager of the safety division for the PA PUC, declared the 12-inch line to be available to carry natural gas liquids and that “No leaks were discovered in either test. If a pipeline successfully passes a hydrostatic pressure test, it can be assumed that no hazardous defects are present in the tested pipe.”

It is encouraging to see regulators working alongside local communities and pipeline companies to maximize safety. This latest letter is an example of pipeline builders and state oversight bodies sticking to their responsibilities and prioritizing public safety.

The Mariner East 2 pipeline system is getting ever-closer to its operation – a marker of success of the cooperation between regulators and private industry.