Pipeline Opponents Sing Same Ol’ Song

Pipeline opposition tactics go a little like this: When the results from a quantitative risk assessment study are not satisfactory, pipeline groups take it upon themselves to generate their own desired outcomes. Quest Consultants have made their “Canary” software publicly available, allowing opposition groups every opportunity to play with it like a video game in hopes of generating greater fear within the community.

Nothing positive could possibly come from untrained ideological activists being allowed to pass themselves off as safety experts just because they can play with a computer game. In fact, this is dangerous.

Del-Chesco United for Public Safety is the latest group to resort to these tactics. Their actions are only intended to spread fear and misinformation.

It is irresponsible for people without any credible industry or technical training, like these activists, to be allowed to pass as trusted to create accurate and realistic scenarios of pipeline incidents.

Spreading fear undermines the relationship between the public, pipeline companies working to build safe transportation infrastructure,  and public officials. While everyone is entitled to an opinion, it is not helpful for amateurs with zero technical training and credibility the opportunity to muddy the waters about community safety. Professionals should be relied upon to assess emergency protocol and develop necessary emergency response plans, which groups such as Del-Chesco has no interest or expertise to do. All they want is to gin up mass community hysteria, which is counterproductive.

As the commissioning date for Mariner East 2 approaches pipeline opposition have become increasingly desperate in their attempts to stop the project yet ignore each of the safety standards surpassed throughout construction.

The fact that the Mariner East pipeline project has received the most stringent review of any pipeline project in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania should provide solace that the scrutiny necessary, has been applied. Just because pipeline opponents have time on their hands does not mean they have the technical expertise reserved for regulators.