Mike Butler: PA Needs More Pipelines

The Philadelphia Inquirer published an opinion editorial today by Mike Butler, executive director of Consumer Energy Alliance, about the need for increased pipeline infrastructure throughout Pennsylvania. Butler served on Governor Wolf’s Pipeline Infrastructure Task Force, which recently finalized a report outlining ways to develop necessary pipeline infrastructure with an emphasis on safety and environmental standards.

To do this, Butler adopts The Philadelphia Energy Action Team’s 60-page analysis as a good plan moving forward. The report states “there’s only one way Pennsylvania can make Philadelphia the next mega U.S. energy hub: get more pipelines in the ground, from one end of the state to another.” Simply put, this supports Butler’s argument that we need more pipelines in the ground.

Because pipelines are the safest, most efficient way to transport energy resources, he touts the good work produced by Gov. Wolf’s Pipeline Task Force. “In all, we made 184 suggestions, plus 12 recommendations on how to implement best practices, not just in pipe siting and streamlining the permit process, but also in improving safety, enhancing environmental protection, and expanding community engagement.”

The Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance echoes Mike Butler’s support for more pipeline infrastructure development. These efforts will bring added economic benefits to Pennsylvania because, as Mike Butler states, “thanks to boosts in natural gas production and the state’s storied tradition in balancing environmental protections with economic needs, job creation is up, emissions are down, and more businesses are moving in.”