Local Pennsylvania Businesses Rely on Affordable Energy

Joseph Devor, owner and operator of The Chicken Truck, explains the importance of cheap, abundant propane gas to his small-business in the Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance’s most recent video.

The Chicken Truck is a food truck and catering company based in the Harrisburg area. The business has successfully operated for three years and due to the increased availability of propane gas from the Marcellus shale, it is able to operate more efficiently with lower energy costs than before.

Because of its efficiency, The Chicken Truck uses propane for all of its cooking needs. Devor states, “The propane for the cooking equipment is definitely the better option. It burns more efficiently and doesn’t take as long to heat up.”

Also, in the video, Devor talks about how cheaper energy prices have helped him to provide the same quality of food but at a lower cost to his customers, keeping his business successful. “Energy prices are one of our most evaluated expenses,” he states.

Lining streets during the lunch hour in cities across Pennsylvania, food trucks are a popular eatery that has gained increased prominence in recent years. Most, like The Chicken Truck, offer an affordable, high-quality meal on the go. As can be expected, energy is often one of their largest costs. Increased pipeline infrastructure is necessary to transport the energy resources needed to operate, from Pennsylvania’s Marcellus shale to The Chicken Truck and other consumers.

Because it has a variety of uses, it is clean burning, and affordable, propane has become one of the most utilized forms of natural gas liquids. The Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance is working to promote pipeline infrastructure, so that small businesses, like Joseph Devor’s Chicken Truck, can continue “cooking.”