Jeff Kotula: Pipelines Are Vitally Important

In the latest video by the Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance, founding member of PEIA and president of the Washington County Chamber of Commerce, Jeff Kotula, highlights the necessity to build adequate pipeline infrastructure in order for Pennsylvania to maximize the benefits of the thriving shale boom.

Mr. Kotula says shares insights into Washington County’s success as leaders in Pennsylvania for utilizing the many opportunities that these resources provide. In Washington County, they have a saying that “the power to prosper is right under their feet.” By instilling this mentality, Mr. Kotula believes “pipelines are vitally important,” as they are the link to getting local natural gas to market for consumers.

Tribune Live recently published a letter to the editor by Mr. Kotula that reiterates his support for pipelines and the benefits that production has brought to manufacturing in the area. He discusses the importance of making investments in energy infrastructure projects by stating, “Pipeline projects like Mariner East in this area create thousands of well-paying local jobs and offer significant economic benefits to our communities.”

The benefits of pipelines infrastructure development can be seen as Washington County grows into a community with a strong energy economy that supports industries across the Commonwealth. Pipelines provide countless opportunities for Pennsylvania communities.