Study: Pipelines Can Help Fuel Manufacturing Revival

This week, the Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance issued the following statements in response to a new study by IHS Economics and the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) Center for Manufacturing Research that reveals how domestic natural gas strengthens manufacturing and encourages U.S. manufacturing growth and employment.

The study, “Energizing Manufacturing: Natural Gas and Economic Growth,” notes that even as natural gas production reshapes the U.S. economy and redefines America’s competitive advantages, there is still room to grow, as there is a mismatch, geographically, in natural gas supply and demand. New pipeline and processing infrastructure will be keys to connecting new supply sources with new and growing sources of demand, especially in manufacturing sectors.

Trish McFarland, President of the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce and a founding member of PEIA: “Pipelines connect gas fields in the western part of the state to processing facilities in eastern Pennsylvania. In other words, we’re all in this together. Pipelines are helping to fuel an economic and manufacturing revival in Pennsylvania. Nowhere is that more evident than in Delaware County, where developments in and around Marcus Hook are driving investments and creating jobs.”

Jeff Kotula, President of the Washington County Chamber of Commerce and a founding member of PEIA: “Manufacturing used to be the bedrock of southwestern Pennsylvania’s economy and that sector is resurging today. We are witnessing a renaissance as new businesses and industries try to take advantage of the affordable, abundant energy supplies we have to offer. And this is only the beginning. Pipelines will provide increased opportunities for sustained economic growth for those interested in doing business in Pennsylvania.”

David E. Black, President & CEO of the Harrisburg Regional Chamber and CREDC and a member of PEIA: “Area businesses and manufacturers have benefited from the cheaper energy prices made possible by Pennsylvania’s oil and gas reserves. We support the development of the safe and reliable energy infrastructure needed to ensure that economic growth in our region continues and that local businesses maintain their competitive advantage.”

Linda Thomson, President of JARI and a member of PEIA: “Pennsylvania’s shale plays are leading the revitalization of the commonwealth’s economy by boosting domestic energy production, lowering energy costs for consumers and creating family sustaining careers for residents. Manufacturing is a big part of our state’s economy and we must take the necessary steps to ensure its long-term vitality. It is time for Pennsylvania to take its place as a global energy leader and invest in modern energy infrastructure that helps grow our manufacturing industries, contributes to a strong economy and enhances the quality of life we enjoy.”

Stan LaFuria, Executive Director of the Moshannon Valley Economic Development Partnership and a member of PEIA: “Our region of central Pennsylvania has not capitalized on the tremendous growth of the natural gas industry because the region lacks the infrastructure needed by that industry. There are wells that have been drilled but they remain capped/non-producing because there is no infrastructure to capture the gas. We need natural gas line infrastructure that pipe natural gas reserves to markets. The development of energy infrastructure is pivotal to unlocking Pennsylvania’s economic potential and essential to ensuring our manufacturers and businesses remain competitive in their respective markets.”