Former Democratic Governor Ed Rendell Expresses Hope that Southeastern Pennsylvania Could Be Realizing Dream of Becoming Economic Magnet

Natural gas is helping turn Southeast Pennsylvania into an economic hub that will spread benefits across the Commonwealth.

In an opinion piece published in The Philadelphia Inquirer, former Pennsylvania Governor and Philadelphia Mayor Ed Rendell extols the benefits of turning the Southeast Pennsylvania region into a future magnet for economic activity.

In his piece, the former Governor discusses the decisions current Governor Tom Wolf has been making in regards to the energy industry in Pennsylvania and applauds the Governor for finally taking steps towards “developing the Philadelphia Regional Port Authority’s Southport property, emphasizing investing in infrastructure, creating jobs, and keeping Pennsylvania economically competitive.”

The dream Governor Rendell had in his time as governor is ready to become a reality with the help of increased rail and pipeline infrastructure to support Southport. As the former governor best puts it, “today, the global and local economic backdrop is substantially better,” and “the improved economic climate is even stronger when it comes to energy.”

Philadelphia is in the right position to benefit from these energy resources and move into the position of being the Northeastern booming crude oil energy hub.  To get there, it must move to quickly build new and repurpose existing pipeline infrastructure – in order to maximize Pennsylvania energy for Pennsylvanians.

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