Energy Infrastructure Projects Bring Money Back to Communities

Energy infrastructure projects spread growth through our communities and bring money back to local chambers of commerce.

Kenneth MacDougall, Director of Business Development at National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA), details that to really look at the impact here, you have to first look back a few years ago when the Sunoco refinery was closed and “all those man hours were lost.” This loss of man hours translated into men and women losing hard earned jobs, many of whom had worked to provide for their families. He stressed that “There is nothing worse than a parent being laid off. That dignity within themselves is lost.”


MacDougall continued that, “As the Sunoco Logistics reinvented that refinery, it stimulates the economy. It puts our people back to work. It puts the union people back to work. It creates man hours for salaries…and for profit. Man hours that can lead to pension plans and health care plans. All of that money eventually goes back to the local chamber of commerce. It starts to bring back the local pizzeria, the local Wawa, the local drycleaners, the restaurants…” It starts to bring back institutions that people rely on and use on daily bases.