Energy Infrastructure Industry Dedicated to Supporting Labor Unions with Reliable Work

September 6, 2020
Labor Day was started by the labor movement in the late 19th century and is a time to revel in the hard work that our nation’s labor contributes to our society. Labor unions played a major role in advocating for… Read More ►

Shell Cracker Plant Brings Jobs and Economic Opportunities to PA

September 5, 2020
Beaver County, PA was selected by Shell Oil Company as the home for a new ethylene production plant in 2016. A factor for selecting this location is because it is close to the Marcellus and Utica Shale formations. As a… Read More ►

House Bill 732 Will Bring PA Thousands of High-Paying Jobs – Pending Gov. Wolf’s Approval

September 5, 2020
In July, Pennsylvania passed a  local resource tax credit for manufacturers who use methane (natural gas) to make fertilizer, fuel, and other products. The economic impact of this bill could offer tremendous positive affects for thousands of Pennsylvania workers and… Read More ►

A Decade of Economic Prosperity Courtesy of Energy Investment

September 3, 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic has upended the work force and labor market in ways the United States has never had to deal with; the challenge is entirely unique and many Pennsylvanians have struggled. At the same time, the coronavirus has also… Read More ►

Sen. Gene Yaw Speaks Reason on PA Joining RGGI in The Morning Call

September 3, 2020
Sen. Gene Yaw’s OpEd in The Morning Call speaks the truth about Pennsylvania’s energy infrastructure and why Governor Tom Wolf’s push for PA to join the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) is irrational. Sen. Yaw highlights the need for our… Read More ►

Chester County Lawmaker Should Not Be Celebrated for Spreading Misinformation

August 31, 2020
Last week, Chester County legislative officials met with residents virtually where they were praised for their environmental scorecards and standing up to “polluters who would put their profits over environmental protection.” Among the attendees was Senator Katie Muth, who recently… Read More ►

E&E News Reports On Mariner East Construction to Resume in Chester County

August 26, 2020
Details on the latest in the Mariner East pipeline saga have come to light thanks to reporting from E&E News’ Mike Soraghan, who reported today that construction in Chester County, Pennsylvania can resume immediately. Thanks to State Environmental Hearing Board… Read More ►

Statement: Judge Allows Restart of ME2 Construction in ChesCo

August 26, 2020
The state Environmental Hearing Board has overturned a recent decision by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection to shut down Mariner East construction at Shoen Road and Route 100 in West Whiteland Township, Chester County. Construction is permitted to resume… Read More ►