Atlantic Sunrise Helps Solidify PA Energy Success

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission recently granted Williams permission to bring the Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline online. The project’s completion is a robust addition to national pipeline infrastructure and another long-term commitment to Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale natural gas exports.

With an anticipated capacity of 1.7 billion cubic feet per day, Atlantic Sunrise will bolster Williams’ Transcontinental Gas Pipeline – already the largest volume natural gas pipeline in the United States – by 12%, furthering the United States’ global lead on energy thanks in large part to the state’s natural gas reserves.

Alan Armstrong, President and CEO of Williams, had nothing but praise for the pipeline and its expected benefits in Pennsylvania and throughout the East Coast:

“This project makes the largest-volume pipeline system in the country even larger, further executing on our strategy to connect premier natural gas supply areas with the best markets in the country…The project is significant for Pennsylvania and natural gas-consuming markets all along the East Coast, alleviating infrastructure bottlenecks and providing millions of consumers direct access to one of the most abundant, cost-effective natural gas supply sources in the country.”

The multi-billion dollar project has benefitted the entirety of Pennsylvania through the creation of jobs and a welcome increase in tax revenue. Pennsylvania is beginning to witness the payoffs of strong energy infrastructure and will likely do so for decades to come through the Marcellus Shale reserves.

Atlantic Sunrise was an important step in relieving the natural gas bottlenecks in Pennsylvania. It is also an important example of the drastic benefits a commitment to energy infrastructure can bring.

We are looking forward to its contribution to Pennsylvania and communities at large for years to come.