PMA Exploits the Delaware Riverkeeper Network’s Efforts to Stall PA Developments

The Pennsylvania Manufacturer’s Association (PMA) recently published a blog uncovering the Delaware Riverkeeper Network’s repeated efforts to oppose essential infrastructure developments throughout the state. The post refers to three specific instances where the Riverkeeper Network built opposition platforms to halt vital energy projects, including the Delaware River deepening, the Philadelphia International Airport expansion, and the Delaware River Pond Eddy Bridge replacement.

As the research uncovers, the completion of these projects highlights the economic benefits infrastructure brings to Pennsylvania regardless of arguments from challenging groups. Each of those projects have aided Pennsylvania’s economy by increasing jobs and generating economic growth. Currently, the deepening of the Delaware River Channel supports over 135,000 jobs and the expansion of the Philadelphia International Airport generates $26.4 billion in economic growth.  But the financial benefits are not the only positive outcomes. As a result of the replacement of the Delaware River Pond Eddy Bridge, firetrucks, ambulances, and school buses are now able to provide safe transportation to over 20 homes.

The question becomes: Should Pennsylvania be listening to a group that opposes such obvious statewide benefits?

As PMA puts it, “let’s not let groups who are determined to control and oppose the developments of Pennsylvania stall projects that will benefit the state’s economic future.” The Delaware Riverkeeper Network clearly does not have the best interest of Pennsylvania in mind as it is grasping to control the future of Pennsylvania’s infrastructure developments.

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