Pittsburgh Post – Gazette: Projects create jobs, grow unions

James Kunz Jr., business manager for the International Union of Operation Engineers Local 66 in Western Pennsylvania, was recently featured in the Pittsburgh Post – Gazette discussing the merits of the Mariner East project and the importance of private investment to Pennsylvania. Read the full story here:

The Jan. 15 editorial “Pipeline Woes” on Energy Transfer Corp. offered an incomplete accounting of the company’s contributions to the commonwealth — from economic benefits to community stewardship.

Energy Transfer’s projects have been a driving force behind the energy infrastructure build-out and revitalization necessary to support the vast benefits of the energy boom taking place here.

From the Marcellus Shale fields in Western Pennsylvania to the processing facilities in the state’s southeast corner, the company has made billions of dollars in private investments, namely through Mariner East and the Marcus Hook Industrial Complex. The two projects, working in tandem, have created thousands of jobs for skilled labor, brought in significant tax revenues for the state, and generated real energy savings for consumers.

The job opportunities created by these projects can be seen in Pennsylvania’s growing union membership rates, which buck national trends of falling membership.

Moreover, Energy Transfer has made a point of engaging with local communities. Partnerships with the Special Olympics of Pennsylvania and funding for volunteer fire departments and various community projects are valuable boosts to our communities, which the editorial overlooked but shouldn’t be ignored.