Pipeline Systems Deliver Regional Benefits

A recent Delaware Valley Journal article covered Energy Transfer’s latest earnings call and any information related to the company’s Mariner East pipeline system, a longtime staple of Pennsylvania’s energy infrastructure (and recent successes).

Perhaps the most notable takeaway of the call, detailed in the Journal, is the company’s decision to convert a portion of the Mariner East 1 pipeline to transport refined products originating in the Midwest to Pennsylvania and on to the Northeast as the winter season settles in across the East Coast.

“PA Access will utilize part of our Mariner East 1 pipeline to provide about 20,000 – 25,000 barrels per day of refined products from the Midwest supply regions through our Allegheny Access pipeline system into Pennsylvania and to markets in the Northeast,” the company said in November.

Energy analysts praised the move as an important development in exploring markets but also fulfilling gaps in coverage and availability from Chicago to New York City.

Delaware Valley Journal reporter Michael Sandoval summated: “Energy infrastructure projects continue to be big economic drivers, even during the COVID downturn. The Mariner East pipeline system itself has generated tens of thousands of jobs and commerce opportunities. Continuing to build on that system as the company intends will stimulate refiners, producers and more in Pennsylvania and the Midwest. Mariner East is proving itself reliable, safe, and increasingly versatile for the ever-changing landscape.”