The Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance supports investments to modernize energy infrastructure to ensure reliable access to low-cost energy to power our local economy and ensure the utmost safety and health of our communities.
October 7th is Manufacturing Day, which is a day to highlight the outsized importance that manufacturing plays in Pennsylvania and our nation’s economy. From plastics to glass, carpet, clothes, pharmaceuticals, and many other products, energy resources are a necessary ingredient… Read More ►
Last week, as the Middletown Township Council approved an ordinance for easements on seven parcels of public land for the Mariner East 2 pipeline, local news outlets continued to amplify support for the project. The Delaware County Daily Times published… Read More ►
Pipeline infrastructure investments are critical for a thriving Pennsylvania economy. This is why David Black, president and CEO of the Harrisburg Chamber of Commerce and CREDC, supports more pipeline construction throughout the Commonwealth. From his perspective, pipelines are “critical for… Read More ►
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