The Economic Benefits of Pipeline Infrastructure

Energy and commerce executives across Pennsylvania stress the benefits of energy infrastructure developments like the Mariner East projects.


According to Thomas Ferro, president of Ferro Fuel Oil, Marcus Hook is a refinery area that “depends on jobs from this industry.” Larry Maggi of the Washington Chamber of Commerce continues that this is true across the state, where energy infrastructure projects have “really made a difference” in Pennsylvanian workforce development.

Throughout the state and across the country, Jeff Kotula, president of the Washington County Chamber of Commerce, underscores that “We’re always going to have an energy need, not only in Washington County, but in our country. In fact, the U.S. energy information service predicts that over the next ten years, we’re going to see an increase in natural gas usage of about 45 percent. Those bode very well for Washington County and our long term outlook on energy and its success within our county and country.”

What this comes down to, according to Trish McFarland, president of the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce, is that “people will be able to live the middle class life that they’ve always wanted to, and provide a good life for their family. I feel that’s what this pipeline is going to do not only for the business community and the community in Delaware County, but across the state.”