Mariner East 2 pipeline announces much-anticipated completion

Energy Transfer recently announced the completion of the Mariner East 2 pipeline, marking an important milestone for Pennsylvania. The pipeline project was met with numerous challenges and setbacks from the public and state government since its initiation in 2017.

After commissioning, which could take a few weeks, the pipeline will transport nearly 375,000 barrels of oil per day. Even prior to the completion of Mariner East 2, the larger Mariner East system saw an increase of nearly 10 percent in natural gas liquids (NGLs) transported through its lines. The fully operational pipeline will further increase this volume, spreading reliable, affordable energy across Pennsylvania.

Mariner East 2 pipeline has provided hundreds of well-paying jobs to Pennsylvanians since the beginning of the project. Additionally, Mariner East 2 has provided an estimated $9.1 billion in added economic value to the state.

Energy Transfer’s Co-Chief Executive Officer Tom Long said “Energy Transfer’s Mariner East franchise will now include multiple pipelines across Pennsylvania connecting the prolific Marcellus/Utica Basins in the west to markets throughout the state and the broader region, including Energy Transfer’s Marcus Hook terminal on the East Coast.”

Thomas Shepstone, an Pennsylvania-based energy consultant stated, “The Mariner East project distinguishes Pennsylvania from some of its neighbors. It proves one can still do big valuable infrastructure projects in Pennsylvania; projects that produce jobs, deliver goods safely and position the Commonwealth to grow and economically develop.”

In the midst of soaring energy prices and economic turmoil, the completion of Mariner East 2 is a bright spot, highlighting Pennsylvania’s leadership in the development of energy infrastructure.