Maintaining our Energy Advantage Means Investing in Infrastructure

Report: PA’s pipeline capacity problems persist

What value do our energy resources have if we can’t get them to market?

America produces more energy than any country in the world. Here at home, Pennsylvania in recent years has surpassed several states to become the United States’ second-largest producer of natural gas behind only Texas.

But constraints in pipeline infrastructure have held us back from reaching our full potential, both as a nation and within our own state.

In Pennsylvania, we have seen plenty of cases where our resources cannot get to markets that need them because of unnecessary regulations that block pipeline development — or because opponents delay construction to the detriment of our independence and support for allies overseas.

The American Petroleum Institute recently released its annual State of American Energy report. It warns that while historic U.S. production is stabilizing global markets, that might not last. Among the challenges are hurdles to building out pipeline capacity.

In fact, capacity may explain why Texas and Louisiana have continued to increase natural gas production as they expand pipelines, while Pennsylvania’s production has stagnated.

Maintaining America’s energy advantage means improving infrastructure and removing red-tape barriers that delay development of resources that our critical to energy independence, national security, economic well-being, and sustainable environmental improvements.

The value of our energy is recognized around the globe. It’s time to put it to work.