It’s Manufacturing Week in PA – A Time Recognize Energy Infrastructure’s Role

As Pennsylvania wraps up Pennsylvania Manufacturing Week, the Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance wants to call attention to the important role pipeline and energy infrastructure projects play in supporting our state’s proud manufacturing sector and the jobs it creates.

As showcased on our resources page, a 2013 report by the Philadelphia Manufacturing Task Force found that increasing natural gas liquids pipeline capacity and delivery is an essential component to a regional manufacturing resurgence.

Residents in our state need look no further than all of the recent news coverage of the revitalization of the Marcus Hook Industrial Complex (MHIC) (read here and here) to see just how critical energy infrastructure development is to a strong economic future in Pennsylvania.

From leaders of local chambers of commerce, to labor organizations, to other state and local organizations, our coalition members have seen first-hand all of the economic benefits of energy infrastructure development in our state.