Friedman “Lawyering Up.” Does He Get a Discount for Frequent Flying?

Anti-pipeline activists have a long history in Pennsylvania and beyond for pushing untested theories only to be debunked by reality. Eric Friedman like many others get furious when these theories prove false and they always revert to their same tactical toolbox: hire a lawyer.

The question is, does he get a bulk discount or are he and his backers this deep-pocketed? Both of these have been proven true.

Friedman and others have been crying about the impact that the Mariner East pipeline will have on their property values for years. To the contrary, studies have shown this claim to not be true.

Then yesterday, KWY reported that Friedman is “lawyering up” (his words not ours) because Chester County seems to have proven his false claims rightfully untrue. Apparently, Friedman’s property assessment increased and he’s unhappy. As much as he seems to pay in lawyer fees, it is doubtful he can’t afford the increase. He’s just upset.

Nobody ever likes to be told that they owe more in taxes, but the irony here is that Friedman and others are trying to make that argument on a foundation of unproven theory.

You can’t make this stuff up.