Dave Messersmith Believes “Its’ All About Pipelines Today”

The Pennsylvania Energy Infrastructure Alliance recently sat down with Dave Messersmith, extension educator at Penn State University, to discuss the importance of pipeline infrastructure in Pennsylvania.

Mr. Messersmith grew up in Pennsylvania and has been working with the area’s land for many years. He has a great “appreciation for farmland and for the preservation of soils.”

He also has the knowledge and skills to know when infrastructure is going to be damaging to his home and land, and he believes that pipelines are not a detrimental development to the state. In fact, he clearly states, “It is all about pipelines today. It is all about connecting the tremendous natural gas pipeline supply to markets that need gas across the U.S.”

We feel that it’s important educators, like Dave Messersmith, lead Pennsylvania’s conversation about the future energy developments, the expansion of Pennsylvania’s economy, and the utilization of the state’s natural gas supply through pipeline infrastructure.