Alternative Pipeline Installation Critical for Environmental Protection

On June 14th, Delaware Valley Journal released a piece penned by Bill Godsey, owner and president of Geo Logic Environmental Services and a former geologist for the Texas Railroad Commission, urging regulators to approve the proposed modification for the Mariner East pipeline and allow the project to move forward.

Godsey begins by pointing out the typical blindness in our world today towards the efforts it takes to have everyday luxuries like turning on the lights. As he notes, “After a year of lockdowns, not being able to see family, and the extreme disruption caused to our working lives and the overall economy, simple conveniences should no longer be taken for granted.” Our national capability to secure reliable, affordable, independent energy sources is crucial to our common welfare. This was magnified by the shutdown of the Colonial Pipeline and the inadequate amount of energy infrastructure in our country. As Godsey asserts, “People of all political beliefs have been calling for energy independence for decades; but until we develop the necessary infrastructure to transport these products to market efficiently and safely, we will forever fall short of those goals.”

Energy independence is achieved through active, well-founded infrastructure. Pennsylvania is the second-largest producer of natural gas in the country; however, it falls far short of the pipeline infrastructure needed to connect production with the end consumer. As highlighted by President Joe Biden’s energy secretary, Jennifer Granholm, pipelines are the safest means to transport energy resources. A step in the right direction for Pennsylvania’s energy needs looks like the completion of the Mariner East pipeline project. The project is currently awaiting the approval of Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection to complete construction. At the end of his piece, Godsey urges his audience:

“It is now time that regulators allow the project to move forward to completion. The proposal to alter the construction methods has been made to ensure environmental safety and should be supported without further delay. The DEP should approve these modifications.” With the recently displayed vulnerability of US energy markets through the cyber attack of the Colonial Pipeline, it is clear to see that rejecting further construction of the Mariner East pipeline, along with other pipelines across the country, would be detrimental to our security and the  repercussions would reverberate throughout our nation. The facts are clear; pipelines are crucial.